The January Cure: Day 7

Today's assignment: plan a party or get-together for the first weekend in February. I love to plan parties! Maybe even more than I enjoy actually having them. Our parties usually have a theme; this year Jud's had a root-beer tasting for his birthday, and I served a ten course sit-down dinner of only marshmallows for mine. For the holidays, we had a pancake brunch.

So...what to do the first weekend in February? Our get-togethers are usually on the larger side and, while a crowd can be fun, I find it hard to host a big group and also get a chance to really talk to people. I think for this party we should keep it intimate.

I'm going to let the idea simmer for a few days before getting a plan together and sending out invites. I've found that our friends are more likely to respond closer to the date of an event, and as fun as it is to design and mail paper invitations, an e-mail or e-vite is the most effective means for actually getting a response.

Any ideas for a fun, low-key party?

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