The January Cure: Day 8

This weekend's tasks in the January Cure were to buy flowers, clean the kitchen (REALLY clean it), and cook dinner in your newly cleaned kitchen.

On Saturday night I tackled the kitchen while Jud worked on the bathroom. Two hours later, both rooms are looking so, so much better. I had already cleaned out all the drawers and cabinets in the bathroom, so Jud's task was to deep clean, especially in the shower. I'm looking forward to a bath in our newly sparkling tub!

Meanwhile, I attacked the kitchen. A couple of months ago I went through all of our food and tossed everything that was expired or that I knew we wouldn't eat. Then I made a list of the foods that we needed to try to finish up. Last night I did another sweep and cleaned out anything else that had expired or that we still hadn't eaten. Then it was all about taking every. single. thing. out of the cabinets and fridge and wiping it all down.

In other news, we've been making serious progress on my original list. The outbox was taking over the laundry room, so we piled most of it into the car for a trip to Goodwill and to sell the clothing at our favorite resale shops. $215 and an empty laundry room later, I'm feeling great.

Since the January Cure is now over a third of the way through, let's see what's been accomplished so far:

-reorganize dresser and nightstand drawers (almost there)
-pull out any clothes to sell or donate
-do something with the framed art/photos on the floor by the TV
-find a frame for my new bunny parade print
-clean out the green box on top of my dresser
-look into getting a better scale
-find a new bedside lamp for Jud

-reorganize cabinet of extra toiletries
-wipe out drawers
-deep-clean the shower
-reorganize nailpolish
-get a new clock
-scrub the hairspray gunk off the the lid of the toilet seat
-get maintenance to fix our hissing toilet

Laundry Room:
-rehang tablecloths
-clean out blue drawers and bin of bunny stuff
-wipe down the washer and dryer and use Goo-Gone on the weird sticky strip on the dryer

-throw out the reusable shopping bags that are worn out or never used
-reorganize the dishes and decorations in the yellow buffet
-rethink the decorations on top of the yellow buffet

-choose recipes to use up some neglected ingredients in the cabinets and freezer
-wipe down the inside of the refrigerator
-go through and deal with/put away everything in the orange mail holder (halfway there)
-look through cookbooks to sell/donate those that I don't use and identify recipes in the others that I'd like to make
-recycle excess paper shopping bags
-find a better place to keep the aprons
-get more magnets

Living Room:
-do another sweep for DVDs and video games to sell
-look into having the split seams on the couch cushions repaired
-continue to work on bonding the bunnies so that they can share a pen (working on it, but it's going to take a while)
-look for new rugs for the bunnies' pens

Office Area:
-reorganize the cubbies of stationary and paper goods
-do another sweep for books to sell/donate
-make 2013 file folders for medical, paystubs, and bank documents
-print and file 2012 paystubs
-figure out how to unlock our new bank

Dining Room:
-oil the table
-find or make tags or labels for the decanters on the bar (rethinking if I need/want these)
-re-do the decorations on the top of the bar

Of course crossing these things off of the list has led to other little projects. A lot of this stuff is, honestly, too boring to blog about, so I think when this is all said and done, I'll wrap up the series with a tour of the apartment.

I almost forgot: in addition to cleaning the kitchen, I was supposed to buy flowers and cook a new meal for dinner. I picked up some tiny pink roses on sale at Kroger today and we made cheese and avocado quesadillas in our new cast iron skillet for dinner. I'm a little embarrassed that we've never made them at home before, but we seriously need more fast, easy, and flexible meal options in our repertoire, and this definitely fits the bill.

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