The January Cure: Day 9

Today's task was to create a landing strip. The idea of a landing strip is to have an organized plan for what to do with your stuff the moment it comes in the door. This prevents clutter and pile-up from happening in the first place.

Although it's not perfect, we already have a good system in place. When I walk in the door, my purse, coat, and tote bag are hung by the front door. We each get to have only one coat hanging on the laundry room door; the rest are stored on a rod right inside.

The red bins below the hooks hold reusable shopping bags. If it's raining, there's an umbrella stand on the other side of the door (made of an old missile!). Jud drops his briefcase across the room on his desk.

(That's a cinnamon broom hanging out with our umbrellas).

Once I'm in the door, I take any food containers out of my tote bag and drop them in the kitchen. Then I grab the mail key and run back outside to check the mail. The kitchen light takes a minute to come on, so I read the mail and put the dishes away when I get back.

The corner of our kitchen counter is where we deal with mail and the things that come and go. The orange magazine file holds labels, stamps, coupons, and stuff that needs to be dealt with. The dish next to it is for keys and pens. Next to that you'll usually find checks to take to the bank, DVDs from the library, notes from the apartment office, etc.

Our system almost works. We go through the mail right by the trashcan, so it's easy to toss or recycle the junk. The letter opener, though, is all the way across the room on Jud's desk, which is where bills end up. We're on a hunt for a new organizer that will replace the dish and the magazine file; something small and simple, but with room for labels, stamps, a pen, a letter opener, and keys. And, obviously, incoming and outgoing mail and papers.

Has anyone seen anything good?

The other component of a landing strip that Apartment Therapy addresses is what you do with your shoes. Unless we're headed back out soon, Jud and I are both good about putting our shoes away in our respective closets shortly after we get in.

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