The January Cure: Day 23

I'm a little late on rounding out the January Cure. The final task was to host a party in your newly refreshed digs. I held off for a week, but we had friends over on Sunday night for baked potatoes and dessert, as an early Valentine's celebration of sorts.

I've realized over the past few months that as much as I enjoy planning a party in my head, I get really stressed out about people's ability (or–mostly–inability) to RSVP in a timely fashion. I also can get too ambitious, and I end up spending the whole party flipped pancakes and wiping counters. Inspired by this post, I did my best to relax and let myself have a good time. And it totally worked.

Other than food, I didn't need to buy any party supplies. Here's the dinner table before:

And here's everyone during dinner:

And the grand finale:

Dessert! Blood orange season has FINALLY arrived, so that's an upside-down blood orange cake on the left. This recipe is totally delicious. On the right is my grandmother's famous lemon pie.

Anyone hosted any good parties lately? Baked potatoes are about as easy as you can get; just throw a bunch in the oven, pick up a few toppings, and tell everyone to bring a topping or two with them as well.

Now that the Cure is over, I'm considering a few themes of posts to write about next. I still owe everyone an official apartment tour, so maybe I'll combine that with some posts on how we stay organized in a loft with no closets. It's not easy.

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